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A&E’s SEASON 3: Duck Dynasty again welcomes fans and series newcomers to another aspect into the lives of the beloved outdoors family, the Robertsons, and be charmed by the family’s antics, from unusual wisdom sayings to seeing how their time spent between the family at their homes, in the bayou, or at “Duck Commander” headquarters. Duck Dynasty is both a look into a highly successful family business and how the Robertsons spice up daily life in their northern Louisiana town of Monroe.


Season 3 of Duck Dynasty premiered on A&E to a staggering 8.6 million viewers–an all-time record for the network.The close-knit clan made their fortunes with Phil Robertson’s duck calls and his son Willie’s business degree, a home grown business into a multi-million dollar company. Willie is also the CEO of Duck Commander and must keep watch to make sure they are not slacking off work with the slightest distraction. Season three features more antics, including Willie’s desire to lose weight before his high school reunion, taking promotional photos for a store display, becoming antsy at the onset of duck season all the way to the season finale in Hawaii.

Season three features thirteen episodes and extras on 2-discs. They may be living the American dream, but what I admire about the Robertson family is that they always stay true to their rugged, yet modest, outdoor lifestyle and their deep Southern roots. It is hard to choose a favorite out of the cast members–a sign of a truly exceptional show.

Watch as Phil tries to put the moves on Kay, while Si starts shooting off his pistol.

While out camping – the boys are tempted to leave the camp site for food.

SEASON 3 of DUCK DYNASTY Special Features include:


•  25 minutes of special features never before seen on TV such as:

•  5 Deleted scenes

•  5 Awesome webisodes

•  Jazzy and entertaining video mash-ups and music videos: Musician Amanda Ryan’s two acoustic guitar recaps monumental moments in the series events.

Duck Dynasty’s bonus featurettes are not mere filler–you can look forward to more hilarity from Si’s diverse taste in music; Jase helps out with his daughter’s school project; further explore Miss Kay’s lifelong love of dogs, how the family tends to spend their time at work, and Sadie (Willie’s daughter) learning how to drive.

Art and supplementary material courtesy of A & E Networks and Lionsgate Home Entertainment. 

Duck Dynasty
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The Robertsons have quickly become America's favorite backwoods family. This close-knit clan has made a fortune selling duck calls.

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