SOLO (2002) – Review

Maria Calatayud's SOLO animation

Maria Calatayud’s SOLO – I often wonder what I would do if I did not have the internet to occupy those lonely moments in my day.  It seems simple enough; an older gentleman, sitting on a bench near the lake pondering ego integrity vs. despair: looking back on his life and is in an emotional conflict because of the many mistakes he made throughout his life time.   In the end, he is burdened with isolation and despair.  Finding this animation film fits in perfectly with Erickson’s explanation of the above described psychosocial crisis:  ‘have I lived a full life?’ (2010).

It is difficult to imagine life without someone to love.  Believe it or not, many of us still live this way.  Trying to piece together an existence whether that existence is made from cardboard or a glorified role playing game.  Still SOLO (2002) encourages us to look into ourselves and think about life and living it to its fullest potential.  Hopefully not ending up constructing our own life’s happiness out of a cardboard box.

Solo is an animated short film by Maria Calatayud that center around an isolated, lonely old man and his attempt to find companionship in his own unique way.

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Maria Calatayud's SOLO is a lovely animation about a a lonely old man who longs for companionship.

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