SONATA (2006) Review


SONATA (2006)

I am always searching for new ways to enjoy poetry.  I can enjoy listening to poetry being read via  PodOmatic podcasts or finding my poetry fix in the foreign and indie films that I enjoy watching.  Since I am in the process of creating my own animated poetry film, I embarked on a journey in finding out what was out there– in the aspect of poetry film and not just the Pixar featured films that I am already too familiar with.  My search was hopeless until I found an animated short film by Ryan McDougal, Sonata (2006).

It is as beautiful to watch as it was associating the main character’s dilemma with my own:  sorting out if he should take a chance at making that first step on a path to happiness. Eventually, he decides to go for it–to take an opportunity to meet the woman of his dreams.

Created, directed and screenplay:  Ryan McDougal
MusicComptine d’un autre été: l’après-midi by Yann Tiersen from the soundtrack Amélie.

SONATA (2006)
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Review Summary:

SONATA is an animated short film that is a simple exploration of one moment in a man's life where he faces his fears and doubts and decides whether or not to take a chance with love.

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