Storyteller: STILL SITTING

It’s not that I am really going to write this really. I guess I am. Okay here it goes. The room is smokey and someone is smoking a really good cigar. I like my corner–a booth all to myself. Good, I still have some beer left – how long was it sitting there..? I like the noise here. People all around; drinking, laughing, smoking. I wonder if I should try a cigarette… Nothing much happened to me today: checked my Facebook, I lol’d at some of the comments. I added a couple of friends today. It’s strange to look at my FB page and see the new friend request, genuine interest maybe. Who is this person, do I know of them? Ah what the hell, and I’ll add you.

I thought of it this way: how often would I look at this page before and did not have a new friend request, wishing that I had at least one per day. Friend request accepted. I like this song – not what I usually would listen to, but it’s OK. I can’t believe she is wearing such a short skirt – it’s too cold for that skirt. My beer is still there, not as cold anymore. I had to be brave today and get out. Be brave to come here, and sit in this corner booth by myself. No one knows me here,  even though I live just up the street. Rue Decatur–Oh, I love the French names of the streets here. Eww my beer is flat, I’ll need a fresh one–hang on…

A dollar a glass can’t go wrong there. Just knowing I will be sick in the morning from drinking cheap beer and inhaling cigarette smoke–and the occasional whiff of cigar smoke. I don’t mind – how am I doing – I am on my second page now, hold please.

New cold glass of beer–still has a head on it…yummy. Hang on again…

I was just asked what I am writing about.

I told him I was writing about the end of the world.

An awkward stare.

lol. I lied.

I just did not want to be bothered with any more questions. At least it seems the waitress understands me. She hasn’t bothered me about holding up in the corner booth here.

I tend to look up from time to time to see if the crowd has rotated. Still no new faces. Still no one I know. I am still sitting. Still sitting in my corner here – in a world of my own.

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