DVD Review: Bible Stories From the Old Testament

BIBLE STORIES OLD TESTAMENT History Channel‘s Bible Stories From the Old Testament is a thorough explanation of the vivid and fascinating stories of the Old Testament beginning with The Story of Creation through King David and leading to the birth of Jesus. The series does not only discuss the foundations for religion on Earth it carefully approaches the logical aspects of present day science compared to the stories of the Bible.

This chronology of events and the God who dictated them were significantly different from the popular creation stories of the period. Yet, the Hebrew story took hold over all others. Why? Why despite the evidence shown by modern Science does it continue to dominate the imagination to this day? Can the creation account in Genesis still be taken literally?

This 3-Disc collection features over nine hours of content retelling the great stories from the Bible in thought provoking contexts. In Mysteries of the Bible – The Story of Creation references the creation of the Earth as described in the first book of Genesis. Adam and Eve – Lost Innocence question the origins of man and earth, to Adam’s first wife Lilith, created in the first Genesis account according to madrishic literature. When Lilith abandoned Adam, God then created Eve. There is interesting information surrounding the foundational tale of Lilith and descriptions as to why she abandoned Adam. In Mysteries – Sodom and Gomorrah take the scientific approach to the story of Lot and his wife, and the city which they live. Archeologists are working to prove or disprove the actual existence of the city, and proof of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. 

Could the flood in the biblical story of Noah have really happened–are we in danger of it happening again? Disc 2 in the series discuss this in Mega Disaster – Noah’s Great Flood, a world wide flood where only a few people survived. Is there a geological explanation to the flood myth? Moses and the Ten Commandments tells the origin story of Moses, to his delivery of the Ten Commandments. This 3-disc set is a catalogue of information told by scholars of the biblical texts, geologists, and archeologists.

Bible Stories from the Old Testaments features detailed history specials is formatted in full screen presentation 4×3 full screen (1:33:1). DVD audio presents in a clear and crisp 2.0 Dolby Digital surround sound with English subtitles: Disc 1: Mysteries of the Bible – The Story of Creation, Biography® – Adam and Even: Lost InnocenceHistory’s Mysteries – Sodom and Gomorrah. Disc 2Mega Disasters – Noah’s Great Flood, Biography® – Moses and the Ten Commandments, Battles BC – Joshua’s Epic Slaughter.  Disc 3Biography® – Samson and Delilah: Love and Betrayal, Battles BC – David, Giant Slayer, Biography® – Solomon.

Overall, this compilation of HISTORY® specials retells thrilling stories from the Bible in new and unexpected ways. An evocative collection that come highly recommended and released just in time for the History Channel® new series The Bible.

Image source and synopsis courtesy of The History Channel and Lionsgate Home Entertainment. All rights reserved. 

Bible Stories From The Old Testament
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Review Summary:

This series focuses on the stories of the Old Testament and covers The Story of Creation through King David and his son Solomon.

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