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Charlie Rowe as 'Peter' - NEVERLAND - Syfy - all rights reserved

Peter was a thief and a whiner.

Neverland is a Syfy mini-series about a thief who becomes one of the most important classic storybook characters of all time – Peter Pan. But is the revamped tale even necessary? Neverland follows a young pickpocket aptly named “Peter” (Charlie Rowe, Never Let Me Go) and a group of miscreants that pilfer their way through the streets of London. It is during their thieving exploits that a magical orb is discovered that is a doorway into another world filled with fantastical creatures, nymphs, and other annoyances.

Each day Peter would go out with the other ‘lost boys’ to pickpocket, and caused distractions so that each of them could get away safely. Their leader James Hook (Rhys Ifans) i.e. Captain Hook, only he doesn’t have a hook at first but has a minor temper. Anyway, he has a plan for a major heist that he did not want his band of thieves to involve themselves in. Peter annoyingly insists upon Hook that he and his boys can handle the robbery of a local jeweler–and does the job anyway. It wasn’t the jewels that Hook was after, it was a mystical orb.

During the jewelry store heist, Hook and locates the orb in the store; there is an accident and every one of Peter’s friends are teleported to another world: Neverland. 

The Lost Boys are indeed…lost.

The Lost Boys and the Kaws - Neverland - Vivendi Entertainment

In Neverland, time stands still.  Peter, Hook, and the streetwise gang are in it. They meet a band of pirates and their captain Elizabeth Bonny (Anna Friel). Reprising the role of “Smee,” is Bob Hoskins, portrays the role he made famous 20 years ago in the 1991 film HOOK

James Hook and the rest of the “lost boys” were almost immediately captured by the pirates as soon as they arrived in Neverland. Peter and his friend Fox (Lorn Macdonald), are rescued by the Kaw Indian tribe, who were also trapped in Neverland. While they all marveled around a camp fire discussing how old they really are–Hook was “hooking up” with Captain Elizabeth. Now, I have to say that some of the scenes in this series may be inappropriate for children, and it struck me as odd that a show–certainly deemed “kid appropriate.” Captain Elizabeth is often seen partially clothed and the Kaw chief’s daughter, much older daughter, “unnatural admiration” for the youthful Peter Pan.

Anyway, the goal of the pirates–steal or capture the wood spirits, so they can harness their power to collect fairy dust that enables them the power of flight—so they can rule Neverland. I am thinking “why?” You are in this world and will never age. Lots of fantastical creatures all around, and if you get friendly with the wood spirits, that can endow you with the power of flight!

Captain Hook, with a hand–and clean shaven

Rhys Ifans 'NEVERLAND' - Syfy - all rights reserved

What annoys a man more than seeking a power that would inevitably lead him to his own demise, wanting to be a God among men? The irrepressible desire to attain it. Hook and the pirate crew want the magic of the wood fairies and will even kill to obtain that power. What once was peaceful and imaginable tale of Peter Pan, was ruined by theatrical antics, inconsistent special effects (the wire work is just terrible). At any time, I expected them to break out into a flash mob.

Neverland runs a deficit of an intimate core story, this isn’t a Disney tale.  The characters are one-dimensional, the adventurous aspect of the series is nothing more than watching kids run to one elaborate prop to the next, and the occasional eight legged crocodile beastie.

At least we now know why Captain Hook from the classic tale is vengeful towards Peter Pan—they were forced to share their origin story as a Syfy television series.

Should you purchase the disc, it has a host of special features including commentary by writer/director Nick Willing discussing the series; The Story Behind the Story, interviews with the cast of Neverland; Green Screen to Screen is an view of just how the production of the elaborate backdrops of the series was created; the Journey to Neverland Gallery; and much more about the tale of Peter Pan and Captain Hook.

Journey back to where it all began. On second thought, perhaps not. 

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'NEVERLAND' is a Peter Pan origin story and Syfy original movie.

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