THE FULL MONTY (1997) – Review

Simon Beaufoy's THE FULL MONTY

Sometimes you just have to take it all off to get ahead.

Simon Beaufoy‘s THE FULL MONTY (1997) If you ever want a guaranteed laugh then just pop in this movie, The Full Monty (1997). This movie takes place in Sheffield, England where unemployed steel worker, Gaz (Robert Carlyle), has been missing a few child support payments and his ex-wife, Mandy (Emily Woof), threatens him with contempt if he does not come up with the money and fast! So what’s an unemployed bloke to do? Well, become a stripper of course! In order to make this work and pay his dues to Nathan, his son (William Snape), he needed some help.

To accomplish this: Dave (Mark Addy), Gaz’s best friend and partner in crime, comes in on the scene. Once Dave gets the jest of the intentions, he is immediately put off by it. Not that the Gaz’s plan was a nutter but only because Dave believes that no one would want to see him dancing around showing his bits to everyone. Briefly, he goes along with the plan — which he keeps secret from his wife, Jean (Lesley Sharp), who seems to think that Dave is having an extramarital affair due to his long days and late nights away from home and his self-consciousness that does not allow him more time with her in bed.

There are more men that are added to this dancing crew: Lomper (Steve Huison), a timid redhead who is on the brink of insanity and death until Dave and Gaz’s plan gave him the inspiration to postpone his death until another time (he still lives with his mum), Gerald (Tom Wilkinson), Dave and Gaz’s former boss, who is unemployed and wife still believes he is going to work every day and busily planning a cruise ship vacation! Gerald becomes the choreographer for the group since he and his wife are professional ballroom dancers. Horse (Paul Barber), a much older–also unemployed individual — figures that in order to earn a little, you need to well um…well its just his “bits” he’d be showing off. Guy (Hugo Speer), who is more than willing to show everyone is well endowment–no matter who’s in the room.

So these six fella’s embark on what turns out to be the bravest and a hilarious adventure, which makes watching this film worth every moment. It all comes down to what someone, anyone, would be willing to do when times get too tough. After all, it’s just a bit of skin–a one-time only event–who here dares to go The Full Monty?


The Full Monty
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Review Summary:

Six unemployed steel workers form a male striptease act. The women cheer them on to go for "the full monty" - total nudity.

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