ANHUR. Prince. Troublemaker.


Background: Anhur is heir of the ruling High King of Guardian Gargoyles. His clan divided from their main home world during the Great Cataclysm, where an unknown force separated the massive expanses of land and divided it into 7 Great Continents. Their lands composed mostly of deep caverns, and mountains—Anhur’s original cavern home was the most expansive and largest which house the capital city of the Gargoyles. It is unknown if the other eleven races of Gargoyle survived.

Anhur does not have a lot of free time. It is mostly due to his race not being able to fly around during daytime, which petrifies them. In their cave, nighttime is endless, so the days and hours are divided into sleep hours—during the Eldandin day—and awake hours—during the Eldandin nights.

•  Age: N/A •  Height: 6’10 •  Weight: 400+ •  Sex: Male •  Misc.: Shadow •  Eye Color: Blue •  Hair Color: Black •  Body Type: Mesomorph, heavy, muscular •  Ethnicity: Gargoyle •  Occupation: Prince, trouble maker •  Hobbies: Hunting, sabotaging
•  Age: N/A
•  Height: 6’10
•  Weight: 400+
•  Sex: Male
•  Misc.: Shadow
•  Eye Color: Blue
•  Hair Color: Black
•  Body Type: Mesomorph, heavy, muscular
•  Ethnicity: Gargoyle
•  Occupation: Prince, trouble maker
•  Hobbies: Hunting, sabotaging

Angered because ¾’s of his Kingdom has disappeared—Anhur chose to prevail the night skies of Eldandin rather than be a pawn at his fathers’ side. Joining with his clan’s hunters, Anhur selfishly encourages pursuing and killing the larger, peaceful beast of the continent. His dangerous actions—theft, making false claims—undermine his father’s wishes to exist in peace with the other world’s inhabitants instead of conquering them. He believes his father became weakened when the majority of his kingdom was lost. He opposes any and all who side with his father’s mundane rule and usually pushes through the actions of inciting others to do his evil deeds and disrupt the status quo—Anhur is almost always to blame for societal discord—or gladly takes credit for what has happened. Although his actions seem reckless—he knows exactly who (or what) he directs his anger against—and why.

Anhur’s waking hours, however, is when he encountered Dûrion on one of the early evening’s hunts. After observing Dûrion for a year, he does whatever he can to antagonize his pursuits. He manipulates Dûrion—often bringing out the worse in him—disrupting the pattern of where his chosen game feed—to sabotaging Dûrion’s traps he sets at night. However, there is a juxtaposition: underneath Anhur’s massively muscular and tough exterior—he is highly sympathetic and understanding. He often aids Dûrion—indirectly—and has even joined him during his greater hunting pursuits.

Archetypal Information:  

I wanted a different character race for a shadow archetype. Anhur has a lot going on: he lost the majority of his Kingdom his father is wimping out by not taking over the Eldandin territory. So he has a lot of anger to release. At night, he enjoys making Dûrion’s pursuits challenging. He projects his anger on the creatures he savagely hunts, as well. He often observes and interacts negatively with Dûrion from a distance. In some ways, Anhur “agrees” with Dûrion in his isolated endeavors—and envy’s his successes because he believes they should be his own. What’s more, he brings out the best in Dûrion by disabling his traps disturbing his prey. It makes Dûrion all the more clever at hiding his traps—and better at seeking game.

PMAI® Information:

Anhur absolutely score highest as a DESTROYER archetype. He makes nightlife a pain for Dûrion and his other gargoyle companions. When he lost the majority of his home world, he was looking for someone to blame for it. He lashes out uncontrollably at times, even at the expense of his fellow kin. He scores low as a RULER archetype. This dude is out of control! He runs his hunting obligations—even his father as a dictatorship. He likes that Dûrion is “rogue” and in his own way strikes out against authority. He avoids situations which shows his weaknesses. Many of his companions like and respect him because he get things done, however brutal he deems it so.

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