THE HEART OF THE EARTH (2009) – Review

The Heart of The Earth

Let me touch your heart.

In Jean-Michel Roux‘s, THE HEART OF THE EARTH (2009) Le Cœur De La Terre, a man (Hilmar Oddsson) from the city finds himself on an expedition to locate the heart of the Earth in this captivating short written and directed Frenchman Jean-Michel Roux. Surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the Icelandic terrain, topped off with a mystical soundtrack lead by Bjork and Sir John Taverner, the viewer is taken on a journey of disconnection from nature and inner reflection.

The film opens with cars rushing about, their horns honking–a sight not uncommon of the larger towns and cities. Humanity has become a hurried race; hardly taking time to stop and admire what is around us or live in the moment. Oddsson has decided to venture out into the countryside as if he is suddenly being called there. In some scenes, a heartbeat can be heard–the heart of the Earth calling this wanderer to be reunited. Oddsson also hears a soothing female voice instructing him to allow the light of the planet to embrace him without resistance. The voice serves as his guide, even during moments where he believes he’s losing his mind.

Among the natural landmarks lies a labyrinth, which may also act as the logo for the film. A labyrinth is a type of maze that is commonly used in meditative rituals to center one’s self or to mimic the path to enlightenment. Oddsson stays–he refers to the labyrinth and walks within the crevices of the mountainside, hindering to the spirit of the mountain, or the voice of the Earth. He was guided there it seems to initiate himself, to prepare to meet the spirit. He wanted to find the source of the heartbeat. Heading up the glacier, the wanderer spoke his last words:

“Earth becomes one with the sky.” Has he “risen” to meet his guide?

The Heart of the Earth is a stunning visual short that relies on simple, yet powerful dialogue to tell a story of one man’s reconnection with nature and his ascent into higher realms of consciousness via tuning into the voice of his guide–the earth itself.

The Heart of the Earth
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  • The Heart of the Earth
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Review Summary:

A man wanders around lava fields at the base of an Icelandic volcano and gets lost. He hears a voice coming out of nowhere that speaks to him, sings and guides him first to the center of a maze and then to the top of the volcano. He realizes that the spirit of the mountain was in contact with him. - MUBI

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