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The Inbetweeners Movie (2011) – I will have to be honest. After swearing that I would never again watch another American Pie, I wasn’t too sure that I wanted to watch this one. I have to say, if nothing else, The Inbetweeners, based on the British sitcom that made it’s debut on BBC America (and inspiring a US remake on MTV), proved that it wasn’t just American teens that desired to go on raunchy, alcohol infuse getaways, the guys over in the UK can also entertain us with their own method for proper holidays.  Don’t expect much of a back story or plot because films like these really doesn’t need one.

Will (Simon Bird) after being told by his father that his idea of a perfect holiday was probably digging for fossils in a desert somewhere, the camera instantly pans and then swoops down through the air and onto the streets of British suburbia, then up and directly into the window of Jay (James Buckley) who was butt naked and busy at his computer. He was wearing snorkels, a hockey mitten on his hand, and at his sides two containers filled with sliced ham. At that moment, I thought back to another “private” moment featured in the American Pie (1999) film where Jason Biggs’ “Jim” made nice with a hot apple pie–where Jay has cold ham. Simon (Joe Thomas) was dumped by his long-time girlfriend Carli (Emily Head) and was not taking it very well; finally, we have Neil (Blake Harrison) my absolute favorite of the quad–a great dancer, not much for brains, and with an interesting curiosity for hosting one night stands with women triple his age.

Since Jay picked up the tab for the trip, they head off to Malia, Greece for the holiday from hell with lots of drinking, frontal nudity, and crappy hotels. After the guys go through tremendous torments and the ridicule, they finally settled themselves, met the girls of their dreams, and had a good time. Just the right formula for any “spring break” theme movie, and I’m sure you’ve pretty much seen them all, and may not be as funny. Believe me, this is one funny film despite the language barrier. Overall, The Inbetweeners Movie is pretty much harmless and features an unexpected amount of good comedy. Not a perfect film, but there is always something or someone to laugh at.


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The Inbetweeners Movie
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Review Summary:

Four socially troubled 18-year-olds from the south of England go on holiday to Malia.

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