The Man Who Lived on His Bike – Review

Guillaune Blanchet 'The Man Who Lived On His Bike,' 2012

Ride baby ride.

Guillaume Blanchet loves riding his bike. The copy editor for Bleublancrouge, an advertising firm, says his father, Yves Blanchet, was his inspiration for learning to love bike riding; at 64, he has traveled over 74 miles. For 382-days around the city of Montreal, Blanchet filmed himself cooking, bathing, changing clothes and dating through various weather conditions all while on his bike. The Man Who Lived on His Bike is a clever and impressive tribute to his father.

Blanchet demonstrates riding in savvy free hand–he tends to basic hygiene routines–though it is not certain if he really rode nude. There is a good balance of tasks showcased; serves up eggs from a frying pan; working on a laptop; ironing his pants, and shaves his growing beard. For the brief naughty bits, a little courtesy is shown in the form of classic pixels, or from Blanchet’s hand shielding the camera lens.

His dating life never missed a beat; luckily for him, a couple women, didn’t mind sharing the experience. Pop culture references such as the ShamWow ads and a spoof of a gangsta rap video fill in for television. The short could be seen as an exaggerated interpretation of our busied multitasking culture where everyone is in a hurry to be somewhere, or just about a man expressing just how much enjoys his beloved bicycle.

The Man Who Lived on His Bike was chosen as the Official Selection for a number of film festivals around the world including the Boston Bike Film Festival, Favorite Films Festival in Berlin, the Festival de Cinema de la Ville de Quebec, and the PixelPops Cardiff Design Festival. The short won three awards: Best Short Film; Francophone Film Festival of Kalamazoo 2012, People’s Choice; Bike Reel Film Fest, and People’s Choice; NDG Off the Wall (Montreal).

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After 382 days spent riding through the streets of Montreal, being sometimes quite cold, sometimes quite hot - and sometimes quite scared, I dedicate this movie to you - Yves Blanche

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