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Placid Lake isn’t your usual rebel, he wants to work in insurance

At one time or another, we all may consider our self value and impact on this world and to the people around us. Some may experience this realization sooner or later. But what about your average 17 year old high school student?

 It was in kindergarten where he met Gemma (Rose Byrne). An awkward kid that ate Crayola Crayons™ and was all to willing to share her crayons with Placid (Ben Lee). Gemma was not too unlike Placid: a social isolate and a genius. She holds much appreciation and genuine concern for Placid and truly believes that he should just be himself, no matter what. But why was it hard Placid Lake to understand just that: be himself. Maybe because he was never the popular kid in school. Maybe his parents were hippies. I think these realizations become clouded if you were a favorite target of bullies. His parents for the most part was very neglectful–mostly wanting Placid to lead an ‘unhampered’ life–without the direct influence of his parents beliefs. That wasn’t the worse part of it in his opinion–his parents was inattentive–and was totally against establishment. What’s a kid to do?

After throwing himself off the roof of the school building–it happened–Placid experienced his first existential crisis. If it always hurt to be the ‘old Placid Lake’ then maybe reinventing himself to a more socially acceptable conservative human being would alleviate all of his troubles. So, after reading loads of self help books, Placid bought a suit, cut his hair, and got a job working in the insurance industry. His parents nearly died from the shock of it.

There is a lesson in all this. Maybe the lesson is to just be who you are. Maybe the lesson is to work for the insurance industry. But what ever the lesson was, one thing is certain:

The Rage in Placid Lake is an overall feel good movie–with brilliant humor to boot!

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The Rage in Placid Lake
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Review Summary:

In The Rage in Placid Lake, Ben Lee stars as the exuberant Placid Lake, a parentally neglected teen who find courage to believe in himself.

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