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Time for dinner?

Anna Margarita Albelo‘s The Turkey (2008) may be a tribute to the unsatisfied housewife; a woman who selflessly cared for children and her spouse for decades and receives no appreciation or thanks in return. Unrewarded labor isn’t without its consequences, though, and Hélène, may decide to remove the system of convenience that surrounds her altogether. Famed French singer Sheila stars as Hélène Beaurignac, a rich stay at home mother celebrating her birthday with a vengeful twist.

She lives in a stunning, spacious house, in a perfect neighborhood, thanks to her successful husband. Despite living a life of luxury, she is unhappy–she has given countless years of her life to satisfying her family who now only sees her as an annoying aging woman. Rosa, their maid, and neighbor Francine are the only two who remembered her birthday and were kind enough to give her gifts. During a heated exercising session, a talk show surrounding the topic of under-appreciated female spouses airs and Hélène is inspired by the message. With Rosa’s help, she plans a birthday feast her over indulgent and spoiled family will never forget.

The Turkey is comedic with a surprising gross-out at the ending. I imagine that maybe there is one person who could sympathize with Shelia’s under appreciated character–even if they are not in a similar situation. The ending is a blast and the robust dialogue and interactions between Hélène and her family are realistic and resolve with humorous flavor! Rosa and Hélène seem to have a good friendship aside from being the family servant. The film doesn’t have all the fanfare of a major production, but The Turkey is a delightful short film that encompasses all the basics of a good flick in the time it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee.


The Turkey
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Today is the day Hélène emancipates herself from her ungrateful family.

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