TNT’s Falling Skies unanswered questions, answered?

Noah Wyle - Season 2 - TNT 'Falling Skies' - Photo credit James DittigerTNT’s Falling Skies will be back June 2012 to answer the many #wtf moments I had in the first season of the show. Most of my concerns were regarding the believability factor–how could viewers connect with the 2nd Mass when it seems they were always gallivanting about in daylight and playing ball out in the open while there were ALIENS or SKITTERS kidnapping children?

Last season’s finale ended with several questions: Why did the skitters want the children? How did the 2nd Mass fair without Mason’s (Noah Wyle) guidance? And the biggest question overall–what the hell do the aliens want in the first place? They didn’t understand the resistance from the humans. Dear aliens: you just invaded an inhabited planet and destroyed much of the planet’s roads, bridges, buildings and, let’s not forget, kidnapped a ton of children. Then there’s Pope (Colin Cunningham), the series badass; Weaver (Will Patton); and Anne (Moon Bloodgood)–characters we may or may not have a clear attachment to–will return this season.

So far, we now know the bio-harness is a “process” the captured children are going though and that they will never be free from their connection with the alien overlords. It seems in the season premiere of Worlds Apart, we can expect more excitement with a promise this new season will be a sci-fi crowd pleaser. We will learn “why” they are here, “what” exactly are they, and “why” did Mason get on that ship? No worries, all of our questions will be answered in season 2.

We just have to wait and see it to believe it.

Falling Skies returns June 17th at 9/8c on TNT.

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