TWIN CITIES (2016) – Review

TWIN CITIES 2016 courtesy 2017 of DAVID ASH and Grey Duck Productions. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

What separates us?

TWIN CITIES (2016) is a matrimonial drama written and directed by Dave Ash. The film depicts the emotionally complex and universal aspects of relationships. Love and aggression, happiness and sorrow, and death occur by way of succinct editing, and dynamic character performances. The results are of direct importance to the narrative, and therefore evolves as a unique story of two people who are complicated by love, through varying inventive sequences of heart-rendering circumstances.

TWIN CITIES 2016 courtesy 2017 of DAVID ASH and Grey Duck Productions. ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDEmily, a novelist, wrote a successful first novel, yet writer’s block prevents her from getting the second book ready for the publisher. Teetering on the possibility that she will be forced to pay back the advance for the first book when her husband, John (Clarence Wethern), decides that he’s overworked and takes a leave of absence from his job–leaving them both financially unstable. It is clear that they are unable to work out their differences, as they hardly speak to each other–or one talks while the other barely listens.

There are subtleties observed throughout the movie that we start to experience the relationship from differing perspectives of the unraveling of a marriage and undoubtedly, friendship. There are moments when John and Emily are getting along well, and are very happy with each other; and in another, Emily wants to end their marriage.

When the direction of the film focuses on either aspect of Emily and John’s relationships, it ascribes a new difference and meaning. John’s questions his beliefs, and just when John seems to have his bucket list in order, he is again beset by another alarming piece of news, and it appears that Emily is forced to, perhaps in an attempt to clarify what is not working in their relationship, expressed through her writing.

The film is about marital situations and all its difficulties, and yet it maintains a high degree of plausibility and narrative momentum.  The familiarities exist as an absolute commonality about ourselves that are both immutable and intangible. Or perhaps, the direction is to retain an understanding of the very part of us all, that is emotional and necessary. Our humility.


Director: Dave Ash
Writers: Dave Ash
Stars: Bethany Ford, Clarence Wethern, Peter Christian Hansen, Gabe Angieri, and Megan Corse
Country: USA
Runtime: 99 Mins

Art and supplementary materials courtesy ©2017 of David Ash and Jason Schumacher of GreyDuck Productions. All rights are reserved.

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When a computer programmer discovers he has a terminal illness he must race against time to save his marriage and make amends for a squandered life.

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