Always the bridesmaid…

UNDERCOVER BRIDESMAID, Brooke Burns - HALLMARK CHANNELJust in time for Valentine’s day, Matthew Diamond‘s Undercover Bridesmaid is a twist on the fish out of water tale courtesy of the Hallmark Channel. Brooke Burns stars as Tanya Harsin, a top bodyguard for a secret agency hired to protect the daughter of a Texas tycoon during the period leading up to and on her wedding. Undercover Bridesmaid may be familiar to Miss Congeniality (2000)–a tough female agent going undercover to crack a case. Burns’ “bridesmaid” isn’t at all like Bullock’s Miss Congeniality–there truly isn’t enough material there for successful character development and comes across a little soft. Despite this, Undercover Bridesmaid has an audience with those who enjoy romantic wedding oriented films combined with secret agent material.

Tanya Harsin is the top bodyguard at her agency and has protected numerous clients from danger. She is always eager to take on an assignment–except for when Mr. Thompson (Gregory Harrison), a wealthy businessman from Texas, wants her to serve as a bodyguard for his daughter Daisy (Nicole Paggi), who has been receiving death threats prior to her wedding day. Tanya is uneasy about the subject of weddings and seems not to understand Daisy or her other super perky bridesmaids. Not to mention the wedding attendees could all have a motive for not wanting the day to proceed as planned. How will Tanya complete her mission?

Burns’ impressively demonstrated some tactical know-how (fighting, weapon use, etc.). The other character performances are about the best you can get for made-for-movies. The other bridesmaids did well to convince Burns’ character to get over her fear of weddings–for all the overzealous interventions. Overall, their friendships are genuinely convincing.

Not the best original made for TV movie, but certainly not the worst.

No real DVD features to speak of. Approximate run time of 86 minutes, DVD Release Date: January 15, 2013.

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Tanya Harsin (Burns) is miserable at her latest job defending the daughter of a Texas mogul who has been receiving death threats before her wedding.

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