THE VIRGINIAN (2014) – Review

Based on the classic television series.


Thomas Makowski‘s THE VIRGINIAN (2013), based on the classic television series and the latest adaptation of the 1902 book of the same name, and credited to be the first genuine western book ever written that would set the bar for books and films related to the Wild West to follow. Although the dialogue is a little slow at times, this version features a great cast, good costume designs, and plenty of action. Fans of the original series would enjoy this rendition.

South, also known as “The Virginian” (Trace Adkins) was raised Judge Henry (Ron Perlman) a cattle baron and mentor to help him keep law and order in the town and on his ranch. He does not question the laws that are necessary to uphold when it comes to rustlers. When New York writer Owen Walton (Brendan Penny) and Vermont schoolteacher Molly West (Victoria Pratt) arrive in town, strange things start to happen. Now, South has to investigate these new and strange occurrences.

If you do not like westerns, you may want to pass this one up. However, to be fair, this is a decent film. The acting is not cheesy and even though it is short on special effects (not needed) overall it is not a chore to watch. The pacing does not suffer, and the characters are realistic and likable. The shoot-outs or action in The Virginian also is not flashy nor does it border on looking like men–who wanna be cowboys–essentially playing with toy guns atop horses.

Overall, well done for a budget feature.


THE VIRGINIAN (2013) Special Features include:

•  Behind the Scenes

The behind the scenes featurette contains the cast members discussing their characters, their relationships, enjoying the script and working with one another. Director Thomas Makowski shares his happiness of having Perlman and Adkins starring in the film.

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THE VIRGINIAN (2014) is an all-new gun-slinging western set against the backdrop of the Old West

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