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A Father Will Do Anything To Protect His Family.


HOURS (2013)Eric Heisserer‘s HOURS (2013) may perhaps be one of the best dramas released in the past couple of years. Paul Walker reinvents himself as “Nolan Hayes.” As a man who has just loss his wife, and as a father determined to keep his newborn daughter alive during a hurricane and its aftermath. Nolan (Walker) arrive at a small New Orleans hospital with his pregnant wife, Abigail (Genesis Rodriguez) who has gone into early labor. Tragedy befalls Abigail while giving birth to their child. Nolan’s situation goes from bad to worse as the storm picks up intensity and has to evacuate the hospital. Nolan must stay and keep his daughter alive on the generator while the power is out. There are other dangers lurking in and near the same hospital.

Through chaos, the bond between husband and wife comes across strongly and beautifully on screen even in tragedy. Not every moment in the film is harrowing. During the calmer moments in the film, Nolan utilizes these opportunities to bond with his daughter. To pass the time, he tells the newborn how he met her mother, his hilarious proposal, and a little about her grandfather. Many of these moments accompany with photographs of his family. There is even a scene where Nolan is learning how to change a diaper for the first time. Thankfully most of the challenges presented to Nolan came as a result of the hurricane rather than focusing on the sensationalize news of a lawlessness city. The focus remains on Nolan trying to keep his daughter alive.

A fine addition to the filmography of Paul Walker.


HOURS (2013) come with a digital Ultraviolet code for streaming.

Special features include:
•  “All I Feel is You” music video
•  Reach Out Worldwide PSA

The special features are short and sweet. There’s a music video with a song fitting the film by an unknown female artist and a PSA for Walker’s charity REACH OUT WORLD WIDE–an organization that assists people worldwide in times of natural disasters.

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Review Summary:

In one of his last roles, Paul Walker is a father who faces life and death decisions to keep his baby daughter alive.

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