Wolfy is a wolf with a secret.


Wolfy DVD 3D

Grégoire Solotareff, Eric Omond, WOLFY THE INCREDIBLE SECRET (Loulou, L’Incroyable Secret) (2013) is an animated tale about Wolfy, a young wolf with a secret he must uncover in the principality of Wolfenberg, the Land of the Wolves. To clarify, Wolfy is a wolf. Tom is a rabbit. You may think that it is impossible that a wolf and a rabbit can do well as friends, seeing as how the two species types are natural enemies. However, in this tale, they are the best of friends who enjoy nothing more than to go fishing or sleeping away the afternoons. If basking in the sun and sleeping were the only events to occur, viewers would be deprived of Wolfy’s real purpose in the tale–the journey to discover the incredible origins of his birth.

All it took was for a subtle prompt from a Crow, who happens to be a witch, to seek out a princess, the actual heir to the crown of Wolfenberg, who is also his mother. Wolfy and Tom set out to the city in a big red car, to find her.

Being a young Wolf in the big city proves to be a hazardous exploration for both Wolfy and Tom. The town teems with carnivorous beasts who want nothing more than to make a small meal of Tom. For Wolfy, his naiveness makes him prey to the ruling promises of wealth, power, and prestige. Due to the manipulation and devious workings of the ruling powers within the city, these best friends are pitted against one another. Mainly, both are in danger, more so due to the Carne Festival, an annual gathering of all carnivores in Wolfenberg, where lesser beasts are hunted and devoured.

Wolfy The Incredible Secret, a thoroughly enjoyable and original tale, does well to provide enough intrigue to the storyline without ruining it with an overabundance of details. The pacing is sufficient enough that the tale does not feel like its rushed for the sake of time. There are no fillers or story padding. Every visual moment is utilized with specificity and is eye-catching and is unique in its humor and structure.

Winner of the Cesar Award for Best Animated film in France and nominated for Best Film at the Berlin International Film Festival, “Wolfy” features spectacular hand-drawn characters set against vibrant backdrops. This delightful animation is an observation in unique humor that makes for creative, fun-filled entertainment.


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Wolfy is a wolf. Tom is a rabbit. Wolfy learns from a gipsy that his mother is still alive. So the two friends set out to find her in the principality of Wolfenberg, the Land of the Wolves.

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