REMEMBER O GODDESS (2012) – Review

Remember O Goddess, 2012, Yoon Jung Lee

Is he who they say he is?

REMEMBER O GODDESS (2012) is a 25-minute romance drama directed by Korean-American Yoon Jung Lee. The film stars Jung-tae Kim, and rising fashion model A-Rai Choi–this film being her debut in acting. Kim has appeared in numerous productions, including television shows, including Dream High 2, BangaBanga, Sunflower, and Tekusubon. Choi has been featured in many fashion publications–including Vogue and Cosmopolitan, she’s also been in many television commercials. For a  crowd-sourced indie film, Goddess has quite the star power behind it.

The short opens with a car traveling down the road, as we watch our main character limp towards the police station. Upon entering, he informs the officer on duty he wishes to report “himself” as a missing person. Kim Jin Young, or what he believes to be is his name, seems to have amnesia. He begins to write a letter to whoever would find it as an effort to regain his memory or any information regarding his situation.

He slowly begins to recall waking up in his apartment, finding a huge shard of glass wedged within his foot. He notices a lone suit that hangs inside his closet, along with two different shoes on his feet–one dress shoe  with no sock, and a gray Converse sneaker fitted loosely on his makeshift bandaged right foot.

What follows after is a mysterious quest for discovery. A journey that eventually leads him to a strange phone call from a hospital receptionist demanding money. As he stumbles into a local convenience store for a cigarette lighter, he “forgets” what a lighter is. He finds inspiration in the face of a young cashier, and maybe, the key to regaining his lost memories.

The following night, he returns to see that she is no longer there. He frantically searches for her, later believing that he’s found her–though to his disappointment, he hadn’t. He falls again now, in an eternal sleep. Although the film itself isn’t finished, yet, it seems immensely intriguing. You can’t help but to wonder what will come of “Kim Jin Young”–or who he believes himself to be–or the identity of the woman who seems to be watching him. Could she be a possible love interest or the missing link to an outstanding memory?

Kim’s performance as the amnesiac is convincing and fascinating, leaving the viewer to wonder and attempt to piece together the mystery of the forlorn protagonist, along with the question; will he ever find out exactly who he is?

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Review Summary:

In the middle of the night, a man reports the disappearance of himself to the police office. He has lost his memory.

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