ZERO (2011) – Review

How can something, come from nothing?

Zero is a stop-motion animation produced by a team of filmmakers at Zealous Creative, written and directed by Christopher and Christine Kezelos. It isn’t often that we get to view a stop-motion, animated film concept that delivers such phenomenal, unspoken dialogue that is able to personify for viewers, the societal burdens of a social caste system–prejudice and intolerance–using “little yarn people,” tiny replicas of “real” people within a society–facing real societal problems. What is also a more inspiring: the underlining meaning of the film; that this ignorance can also be the foundation for faith, hope, and love.

“We are all born of the same matter. However, we are not all born equally. Who will you be? What will you become? Some people are born to be leaders, affecting significant change amongst their populations. Others are born into mediocrity living unremarkable lives! But for some, life will be a constant battle offering zero opportunities.”

“So…how can something, be nothing?”

In a world of numbers, some are destined to live their lives in a manner already set before them. Zero was born at a disadvantage. The numerical caste system in his world made him a victim to its cruelty within a society not too unfamiliar of our own. Zero is scorned, tormented, and abused by those who are supposed to guide him. Instead, he is taught that he, and other zeros like him, will never be anything more than a “zero.” A nothing–with people who are there always to remind him, and others like him, of just that. Still, our little Zero found the right things that also existed in his cruel world. Zero always held on with the hope that one day, he would be able to offer something useful to the world. But, how could he do this within a society that judged him based on what he looked like?

But there is always a light that shines even from within the darkest places in the world–when someone shows him just how important he is. Often, that is all that we need to feel alive. Something as simple as being accepted. The animated short, Zero allows us to view safely and experience what it feels like to be considered an outcast within society. The film touches on important socio-cultural issues–racism and intolerance–questions that affect all of us.  No matter our race or socioeconomic status.

“When in the company of his new friend, Zero felt so right as though he were a three…or maybe, even, a four!”

 For two years, the team over at Zealous Creative, established a brilliant world of “little yarn people,” utilizing approximately 33 pounds of silicon, nearly 1.2 miles of wool, with a team of 46 animators and filmmakers, to create a film that’s real, emotional, and presents true-to-life adaptations of people and their disadvantages experienced in life–where also, determination, dedication, and love can show just how 0 + 0 can equal to, well, something.


Narrated by: Nicholas McKay
Written and Directed by:  Christopher Kezelos
Produced by:  Christine Kezelos
Director of Photography:  Matthew Horrex
Animated by: David Cox, Christopher Kezelos
Assistant Animators:  Mark Lagana, Christine Kexelos
Original Music by: Kyls Burtland
Production Design: Brett Bimson
Visual Effects/Compositor:  Justin Alvarez, and the rest of the awesome team at Zealous Creative.

All Image credit and descriptions by: Zealous Creative 

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Review Summary:

Zero is a stop-motion animation produced by a team of filmmakers at Zealous Creative, written and directed by Christopher and Christine Kezelos.

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